sIFR Lite: Faster & Smaller sIFR

Dec 17th, 2008 | By sguler | Category: Design, Javascript

sIFR Lite, a smaller amd faster alternative for the original sIFR

Firebug in IE: Debugging JavaScript in Internet Explorer

Dec 6th, 2008 | By sguler | Category: Javascript

Javascript bug hunt in Internet Explorer: Firebug Lite

Simple Rounded Corners with Javascript

Nov 19th, 2008 | By admin | Category: Javascript

Rounded Image Corners with Javascript. No more CSS headaches!

Auto Refreshing Iframes

Oct 14th, 2008 | By sguler | Category: Javascript

How to auto refresh iframes with javascript

Password Protected Pages: Htpasswd and Htaccess

Mar 31st, 2008 | By admin | Category: Javascript, Linux

Guide to password protect your folders/pages using htaccess and htpasswd.