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Wowebmaster, released an advanced flash video player, playing FLV files, with lots of features mainly focusing on advertising needs. This video player includes many features that no competitors have. One of them, are, in-video text ads (as in youtube), pre-roll video ads and post-video screen that you can advertise anything you want: your videos or any other product.

Click for demo!

Addition to those advertisement features, Wow XML Flash Video Player helps you keep your video files hidden. This is handled with a hidden xml file, queried inside flash video player. This is crucial to prevent bandwidth theft also keeping your visitors coming to your site, since there will be no way to download video files.

All of the features, can be configured with few easy steps, by just modifying an xml file and adding few parameters into HTML. That’s all. All is well explained in our documentation, that will be provided you if you purchase.


  • Hides your exact video path ( Videos are fetched from XML )
    Video path is hidden in XML file. The XML file path can only be seen in Actionscript, which means anyone willing to hack your video path, to steal bandwidth, has to have your FLA file, which he will not have.
  • No need to edit FLA. Configure this flash video player using XML
    All the features of this video player, can be configured easily with html code
  • Define the path to your video in the XML
    Video path is kept in an xml file. Our documentation explains how to use this file, even demonstrates an example of php coded dynamic video site.
  • Enhanced advertisement functions
    You can have a pre-roll video advertisement for your video, just by configuring your video player using HTML. You can also have in-video text ads, again configurable. Let’s just say, on the 6th second of the video, you want to advertise, configuration is so easy. Then you will have a popup inside the video when it reaches to the 6th second. See the demo.
  • Auto Play Feature
    You can easily set the video to auto play or not. If not, you can also have a preview image before the video plays.
  • Post-Video Related/Featured Videos Screen
    You can guide your visitors to view more videos, by showing 3 recommended/related videos at the end of the video.
  • Your Web Site’s Logo on Video Screen
    You can also have your site’s logo on video screen, it is totally configurable with HTML. No need to edit FLA.
  • Fully customizable
    Some of the customizable features:

    • Auto Play: True or False
    • Pre-roll Ads: True or False
    • Video Preview Image: True or False
    • In-video Ads: True or False
    • Post-video related videos screen: True or False
    • Your logo on screen: True or False
  • Can easily be reskinned and resized

If you buy, You get:

  • FLA. You can easily customize the skin of your video player.
    .fla files contain source material for the Flash application. Flash authoring software can edit FLA files and compile them into .swf files.
  • SWF. Wow XML Flash Video Player.
  • DOC. Detailed documentation on using Wow XML Flash Video Player
  • PHP-XML coded video site example with Wow XML Flash Video Player.
  • Upgrades are totally free.
  • Unlimited Support. We even help you build your video web site !

Technical Specifications:

  • Adobe Flash Player 10
  • Actipscript 2. MediaDisplay used.
  • SWF File: 66KB
  • Plays FLV files
  • Progressive Download

More Features and It’s Customizable! Check it out

The video below, is set to auto-play:false. Preview image is set. In-video ad is set. Pre-roll video ad is set. Post-video screen is enabled. Click here for an auto play version.

A Demo: Pre-roll ad, Invideo text ad, Post-video screen

Configurations for this demo:
1. Auto Play is set to “false” for this demo.
2. A pre-roll video advertisement is configured.
3. In the 10th second of the video, an in-video text ad will popup.
4. A PNG logo is configured to show up on the video screen.
5. When the video finishes, a related videos screen will be appeared.
6. Try to reach to the video file path. It’s hidden!
Click here to see an auto play configured demo!

Just $12

This item is available at Click to purchase!

If you are having problems purchasing this software, please contact us.

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